Legal Office provides legal services to companies and individuals. Within the scope of cooperation we provide following services:

 Business services:

  • ongoing advice;
  • drafting, reviewing contracts, agreements and other commercial documents;
  • conducting litigation, enforcement proceedings;
  • representation of employers in labor disputes;
  • establishing commercial companies;
  • transformation of companies;
  • public procurement law.

Pursuing claims:

  • pursuing claims in cases of traffic accidents;
  • representation in litigation for damages and compensation for medical malpractice;
  • representation of victims in (preparatory and judicial) criminal proceedings.

Family law:

  • conducting divorce proceedings, cases of division of matrimonial assets, proceedings for settlement of cohabitation (preparatory and judicial proceedings);
  • issues of child support , the settlement of parental authority and contacts.

Labor law:

  • representation of workers and employers in proceedings before the labor court;
  • preparation of employment contracts, work and pay regulations, statements of termination of employment contracts, etc.

Law of Succession:

  • declaration of inheritance, cases of the legitime;
  • division of the estate – representation in negotiations and court proceedings.

Copyright law:

  • representation of the authors in cases of copyright infringement ;
  • representation in cases of violation of personal rights and the protection of the image;
  • preparation of contracts for the transfer of copyright, licensing agreements;
  • preparation of agreements on the use of the image, acting contracts, etc.

Criminal Law:

  • defense in criminal, fiscal and malfeasance cases,
  • representation in cases of private prosecution.

Postal Law:

  • preparation of documentation required for entering in the register of a postal operator;
  • representation before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications;
  • ongoing advice – preparation of contracts, regulations, etc.;
  • drawing up a plan of action in situations of particular danger;
  • protection of personal data;

Administrative Proceedings:

  • representation before administrative bodies;
  • preparing appeals against administrative decisions;
  • making complaints to the Regional Administrative Court and cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • preparation of complaints about an authority’s inactivity and excessive length of proceedings.


  • conducting eviction proceedings;
  • seeking compensation from the municipality for failing to provide social housing.